Episode 11: Pam Bishop

In this introductory episode to a 7 part series featuring southern Minnesota’s Rural Entrepreneurial Venture (REV) program, you’ll hear from Pam Bishop. Pam Bishop is the Vice President of Economic Development at the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation, which manages the REV program.

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Episode 10: Brittney Johnson

The second season of MinneStory launches November 5th. The 2018 Midterm Elections are Nov 6. It’s probably clear to anyone who consumes the news or any media that this is a really tense time in our country, with many dissatisfied people on all sides. In today’s episode, you’ll hear from a young politician in Otter...

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Episode 9: The 2007 Floods of Southeast Minnesota

Photo by Jeff Thompson Rushford, MN during flood This episode focuses on a crisis that residents of southeast Minnesota remember vividly. 11 years ago, in August of 2007, southeast Minnesota experienced catastrophic flash flooding. Depending on location, 8-20 inches of rain fell very quickly over a short period of time, resulting in mudslides, roads and...

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Episode 8: Hendel Farms

Rural areas are largely associated with farming, and therefore, our food sources. The dairy industry specifically has shaped Houston County in many ways. In this episode, you’ll hear from third generation dairy farmer Matt Hendel of Hendel Farms near Caledonia, MN. Matt discusses everything about the benefits of dairy farming on soil erosion to the...

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Episode 7: Sweet 16 Farm

Starting a business takes a lot of planning, relentless hours, strategy…as well as choosing your location and community well. What do rural areas, specifically Houston County in this case, have to offer start-up business owners? Today’s episode digs into this topic with Sarah Mann of Sweet 16 Farm. The tagline for the farm is “Sustainability...

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Episode 6: Community Organizers Rachel Storlie and Lee Grippen

Volunteers and community organizers are integral to thriving small towns. Father-daughter duo Lee Grippen (of Caledonia, MN) and Rachel Storlie (of Spring Grove, MN) are two very busy and equally enthusiastic community organizers. In this episode, you’ll hear them talk about why they feel so strongly about giving back, the challenges small towns face (such...

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