Episode 5: International Owl Center

Episode 5 features an unexpected small town treasure: The International Owl Center in Houston, MN. It’s the only center of it’s kind in the U.S., and brings people from all over the country to small town Houston for their live owls and programs. Executive Director Karla Bloem talks about the owls’ personalities, the center’s role...

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Episode 4: Terry Lauden

Faith is important to many rural communities. But what is it about churches that create a sense of community identity? What are other ways rural people find and give back to community? In this episode, we hear about these topics and more from Terry Lauden. Terry belongs to the United Methodist Church in Caledonia, MN,...

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Episode 3: Thomas Trehus

You’ve maybe heard about this trend of small towns losing younger generations to city jobs and culture. Thomas Trehus is on the other side of that equation, trying to build towards a better future for the community that raised him. He’s the youngest school board member in Spring Grove MN and is running for the House...

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Episode 2: Jerome Neumann

You know that small town archetype who is probably retired and sits at the town diner or coffee shop and shoots the breeze all day? Well, Jerome Neumann IS that person. But we all know archetypes aren’t real, so in today’s episode, you get to meet Jerome for the human he is.

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Episode 1: Nettle Valley Farm

Season One of MinneStory focuses on rural Houston County in southeast Minnesota. This episode features Nettle Valley Farm owners Dayna and Nick Burtness Nguyen. Each of them grew up in the Twin Cities area, but now make their home in the heart of the Driftless region. They talk about the transition of moving from urban...

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MinneStory Season 1 Sneak Peek: Nick & Dayna Burtness Nguyen

The clip you’re about to hear features Nick and Dayna Burtness Nguyen, who both grew up in the Twin Cities but now make their home in Houston County as owners of Nettle Valley Farm, where they raise beyond organic pastured pigs. Enjoy!

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