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Episode 7: Sweet 16 Farm

Starting a business takes a lot of planning, relentless hours, strategy…as well as choosing your location and community well. What do rural areas, specifically Houston County in this case,...

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Episode 6: Community Organizers Rachel Storlie and Lee Grippen

Volunteers and community organizers are integral to thriving small towns. Father-daughter duo Lee Grippen (of Caledonia, MN) and Rachel Storlie (of Spring Grove, MN) are two very busy and...

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Episode 5: International Owl Center

Episode 5 features an unexpected small town treasure: The International Owl Center in Houston, MN. It’s the only center of it’s kind in the U.S., and brings people from...

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Episode 4: Terry Lauden

Faith is important to many rural communities. But what is it about churches that create a sense of community identity? What are other ways rural people find and give...

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Episode 3: Thomas Trehus

You’ve maybe heard about this trend of small towns losing younger generations to city jobs and culture. Thomas Trehus is on the other side of that equation, trying to...

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Episode 2: Jerome Neumann

You know that small town archetype who is probably retired and sits at the town diner or coffee shop and shoots the breeze all day? Well, Jerome Neumann IS...

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MinnePod is a podcast that gathers personal stories about community from Minnesotans living in rural and urban areas around the state. We don’t claim to have the answers, or know how to “fix” the much-discussed “rural-urban divide.” But we have a hunch that it starts with listening.

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